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Updated: Sep 8, 2020

to my beautiful world of colourful, high quality, quilting, design fabrics.

I strongly believe home to be the most precious and sacred place. By building a home with beautiful, colourful, high-quality design fabric you will shine with happiness. That feeling when you tuck into bed, covered in a beautiful quilt in vibrant colours, a sparkle arises inside. The satisfaction of hard labour, beauty for the eyes, softness against your skin, and the knowledge of a sustainable product creates an exciting stillness.

As a young child, I used to design my own clothing where my mother would make them. I learned to appreciate high-quality fabric and design in her fabric store, as much to young apprentices in Sweden. Long story short, the shop was later soled and we kept our love for the touch, feel, of quality fabric. On and off, I would design and my mother would make dresses only for special occasions.

When we, my husband and me, bought our first house in the Netherlands, I was on the hunt for lavender blue. At that point, the trend of black and white, with the occasional beige, reigned Hollandia. I had searched everywhere for that right colour of lavender-blue for the kitchen, which proved no-where to be found. Except in a small webshop by Femke de Bont, no longer online. Femke allowed me a visit, and not much longer after, I was the owner of my first webshop. Not surprisingly, the first orders came from Australia.

My husband, later got a job offer and we moved to Sydney and it took me quite some time to put up the webshop again. Anyhow the shop is now alive, giving you the opportunity to give your home the vibrant colours of high-quality quilting fabric, to create that exciting stillness at yours.

I hope you will enjoy the design and colours of the fabrics as much as I do. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Love ❤️,


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